Why Fibo?

Fibo is focused on creating the easiest, most intuitive team scheduling app in the world.

Our vision is to help businesses do more with less time

The fundamental promise of technology is that it can life easier. Unfortunately most software today is unnecessarily complicated and takes far to long to learn and adopt. We meet small businesses owners and employees everyday who incorrectly think they are "bad at using software", yet every single one of them can comfortably use email, Facebook, and Spotify. The truth is that the real problem isn't the users, but rather that there is very little truly "easy to use" software that has been built for small businesses.

Most existing solutions are far too complex making them challenging to adopt and use. The net result is that over 80% of field based businesses still rely heavily on paper and spreadsheets, and have to work twice as hard on things that should be easy in todays mobile forward world.

We have built our software to be extremely easy to use. We believe this is important because it enables adoption. And adoption has the potential to create incredible leverage for millions of small businesses world-wide. In other words the ability to do more with less. Less work for better results. Thats how technology drives the world forward, and thats what we hope to deliver for small businesses around the world -- less time spent working to delivering a higher quality service, faster growing business, happier employees and stronger local economies.

We have a world-class software development team

Zane Salim

Co-founder and CEO

Zane is the co-founder and CEO of Fibo. Previously, he led consumer product and growth at Thumbtack. He has also helped build Twitter, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Naren Sathiya


Naren is a software engineer and first hire at Fibo. He is passionate about building high quality products that produce optimal value for users. He started his career at IBM working on their cloud infrastructure. He has dual degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration.

Renier Marichal


Renier is a software engineer at Fibo. He is a passionate software developer, always looking for innovative ideas in software architecture and design. Renier started early in software when participating in National and International programming contests. He has a passion for running and is currently setting his goals to run his first half marathon by the end of this year.

Darien Menendez

Product Designer

Darien is a Product Designer at Fibo. He is a versatile designer who enjoys wearing many hats, across product design, graphic design and illustration. He graduated from the top design university in Cuba and has worked on projects for companies in Ecuador, France and the United States. In his free time he's an avid baseball fan.